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Back-end Developer (Dec 2022 - Aug 2023)

I was a GoLang Backend Developer working with a microservice architecture on a very complex codebase, while applying my DevOps knowledge to help out with deployment and other issues.I worked with Kubernetes, Docker, Gitlab CI/CD for the more DevOps focused tasks, and GoLang, GRPC, Neo4J, MongoDB, RealEstateCore, BrickSchema, OpenAPI for the development tasks.Other than just coding, I actively participate in planning new features, in reviewing code, troubleshooting and aiding the other developers.

Bosnia & Herzegovina Futures Foundation

Fullstack Developer (Nov 2022 - present)

Part of the IT team volunteers in the BH Futures Foundation. Working with Spring Boot, NextJS, React, and Typescript, alongside a plethora of other libraries.


DevOps Engineer (Sep 2022 - Nov 2022)

- Maintaining, optimizing, and publishing client and company apps.- Working with integrating AdSense and Analytics- Re-doing the deployment setup, optimizing Dockerfiles (making them ~20x smaller, and more efficient), simplifying deployment with new pipelines and Dockerhub, making environment variables simpler to use and more straightforward.- Working with the Django developer in fixing bugs and helping implement new features.- Other non-specific work was done using: Cloudflare & Bitbucket.


DevOps Intern (Jul 2022 - Aug 2022)

- Setting up an on-site Gitlab instance.- Managing and planning out the project repositories.- Writing and implementing build pipelines, Dockerfiles, and Docker Compose configurations along with NGINX and LetsEncrypt.- Managing 7 VPS-es used for the project, setting them up and maintaining them.- Being a technical aid to the developers, helping fix bugs in the code, helping adapt it for production.- Using S3 to store certain backend user-data.