Omar Žunić
Software Engineer

Frontend Developer & Team Lead, Pickleball Inc.
Feb 2024 - Present

Working with Next.js and Tailwind to make things come to life, while utilizing the latest features Next.js has to offer.

Backend Developer, ZenDev
Nov 2022 - Aug 2023

Working on a complex SAAS solution for a Swedish client using Go with a microservice architecture, handling thousands of IoT devices and clients.

Web & Backend Developer, Bosnia & Herzegovina Futures Foundation
Nov 2022 - Present

Volunteering as a Next.js & Spring Boot developer for a non-profit organization. Rewriting an entire admin panel and a website, as well as helping out with other tasks.

DevOps Engineer, ZenDev
Sep 2022 - Nov 2022

Handling the deployment, maintenance, monitoring, and the development experience of multiple teams, both internal and external. Working with Kubernetes, Docker, and a large number of other tools, technologies, and services.

DevOps Engineering Intern, ZenDev
Jun 2022 - Jul 2022

Handling the internship project, ranging from deployment on bare metal servers, to downless deployments, CI/CD pipelines, SSL, domain management, and a lot more.


Bachelor's Degree, Faculty of Information Technologies, Mostar
2020 - 2024

This is where I started learning the ropes of low-level languages like C++ and more advanced concepts behind coding, planning, projecting and maintaining solutions.

Medical Technician, SSK Silvija Strahimira Kranjčevića, Livno
2016 - 2020

Although programming was and still is my primary passion, this high school taught me way more than just medicine - it taught me concepts that I can apply to everything.


Senior Scholar, Bosnia & Herzegovina Futures Foundation
Aug 2022 - Present

Previously a junior scholar, now a senior scholar. Working on helping out the community, working on projects, like the Futures Leaders Summit, and mentoring younger scholars as a 'buddy'.

Mentor and Scholar, Hastor Foundation
Jan 2012 - Nov 2022

A charitable, non-profit organization that, through its work, supports and empowers children and young people. My first mentoring experience, and a great intro to the world of volunteering.

Projects, links, and other information can be found on omarzunic.com

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